Podcast of TV CONFIDENTIAL Show No. 513 with guest Ed Asner is available for listening on demand. Ed will star in a virtual performance of GOD HELP US that will live stream on Saturday 10/31 beginning at 6pm CT 4pm PT

Ed Asner: The Best Movie Santa Claus Ever
Original Airdates: Oct. 23-25, 2020
TVC 513.3: Part 2 of a conversation that began last week with Ed Asner, the eight-time Emmy Award-winning actor known around the world as Lou Grant both on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and his own hour-long spinoff series, Lou Grant. Topics include Ed’s experiences playing two other iconic characters: Santa Claus, which he famously did in Elf, and God Almighty, whom Ed has played on at least two occasions (including the critically acclaimed political comedy God Help Us).

Ed Asner will star, along with Michael Shannon and Jordan Coley, in a virtual production of of God Help Us that will be streamed live via the Piven Theatre Workshop in Chicago on Saturday, Oct. 31 beginning at 6pm CT 4pm PT. Tickets begin at $22 for individual viewing, $35 for families (2-9 viewers on the same device), and $150 for groups (10 or more viewers on the same device). The running time for God Help Us is 90 minutes with no intermission. Immediately after the performance, Ed Asner, Michael Shannon, and Jordan Coley will participate in a live talk back with viewers; admission for that is $150 and includes your ticket to the performance. For tickets and more information, go to PivenTheatre.org or OntheStage.com/piven-theatre-workshop

Ed Asner’s memoir, Son of a Junkman: My Life from the West Bottoms of Kansas City to the Bright Lights of Hollywood, features a host of great stories about his sixty-year acting career, including the challenges that Ed faced as president of the Screen Actors Guild; the backlash he faced from the El Salvador controversy in 1982, and the effect that had not only on Lou Grant, but his career in general; the influence that Ed’s father continues to have on his life today; plus tributes to each of his fellow cast members on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Lou Grant. Ed’s book The Grouchy Historian—a collaboration with his longtime friend and fellow Mary Tyler Moore Show collaborator Ed. Weinberger—is a thoughtful and engaging look at the back story of the U.S. Constitution that is also very timely today.

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