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How Barbara Walters Broke Ground for Women in TV News
Original Airdates: Jan. 13-16, 2023
TVC 601.2: TV Confidential pays tribute to Barbara Walters, the pioneering news woman who, long before hosting The View, broke ground for women in television, first as host of The Today Show then as the anchor of The ABC Evening News and host of 20/20. Barbara Walters passed away this past Friday, Dec. 30 at age ninety-three.

Jim Peck

This segment includes a clip from our January 2012 conversation with Steve Battaglio, author of Six Decades of America’s Favorite Morning Show, on how Walters went from being a writer on The Today Show to a permanent on-air fixture, plus a clip from our May 2011 conversation with Emmy Award-winning talk show host and game show host Jim Peck. Jim not only interviewed Barbara Walters several times over the years, but won his Emmy for his interview with Walters on his Washington, D.C. talk show.

When Barbara Walters Joined ABC News
Original Airdates: Jan. 13-16, 2023
TVC 601.3: From April 2011: Tony, Donna, and Ed remember Apr. 22, 1976, when Barbara Walters signed a $5 million contract to join Harry Reasoner as co-anchor of The ABC Evening News. The deal made Walters not only the highest paid TV journalist at the time, but the first female to headline a network news broadcast. Barbara Walters passed away this past Friday, Dec. 30 at age ninety-three.

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