This Date in THE FBI History: David Soul, Belinda J. Montgomery, and Jim Davis star in “The Runner,” airing Sept. 17, 1972. This episode also marked the very first network TV appearance of Robert Urich

    Original Air Date:
    Sept. 17, 1972
    Synopsis. A once-promising college football running back, Cliff Wade (played by David Soul) resorted to crime after taking a $5,000 payment—a violation of a conference rule that cost him his eligibility and ruined his future. After engineering his escape from prison, Wade kidnaps his former college sweetheart, Margo Bengston (Belinda J. Montgomery)—the daughter of the rancher who is directly responsible for Wade’s disgrace—and takes her deep into the Oregon mountains, where he desperately hopes to rekindle their romance while also plotting his escape across the river en route to Mexico.

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