TV CONFIDENTIAL Show No. 595.2 with guest Nick Santa Maria on the 70th anniversary limited edition Blu-ray release of Jack and the Beanstalk starring Abbott and Costello, is now available for listening on demand as a free podcast

Jack and The Beanstalk
with Abbott and Costello, now on Blu-ray

Original Airdates: Nov. 4-7, 2022
TVC 595.2: Actor, author, and comedian Nick Santa Maria (The Misadventures of Biffle and Shooster) joins Greg Ehrbar for the first of two DVD and streaming reports that focuses on recent Blu-ray titles featuring Abbott and Costello, including the digitally remastered limited edition 70th anniversary re-release of Jack and the Beanstalk (1952). Nick is the co-author of The Annotated Abbott and Costello: A Complete Viewer’s Guide to the Comedy Team and Their 38 Films, a new book that becomes available in December from McFarland Books.

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