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The Honorable Ruta Lee
Original Airdates: Nov. 10-13, 2023
TVC 627.4: Ed welcomes back legendary singer, actress, and philanthropist Ruta Lee (High Rollers, Witness for the Prosecution, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Consider Your Ass Kissed). Earlier this year, the former president of Lithuania, Valdas Adamkus, presented Ruta with Lithuania’s highest honor at a magnificent ceremony in the Vilnius Presidential Palace in Lithuania, while the current president of Lithuania, Gitanas Nauseda, presented Ruta with another high honor during a visit to Ruta’s home in Hollywood—a legendary estate that was previously owned by Rita Hayworth and, later, Orson Welles. Both honors were bestowed upon Ruta in recognition for her lifelong advocacy for the advancement of Lithuania and its people.

The Thalians, the charitable organization to which Ruta Lee has dedicated much of her life over the past sixty years, will honor actor Gary Sinise with its highest honor, the “Mr. Wonderful” Award (originally designed by Walt Disney), at its annual Winter Gala, which will take place Saturday, Dec. 2 at the Brentwood Country Club in Los Angeles, California. See here for tickets and more information.

Ruta Lee, Darren McGavin, and Casa Manana
Original Airdates: Nov. 10-13, 2023
TVC 627.5: Entertainment legend Ruta Lee shares a few memories from her life and career, including the story of how she helped her grandmother emigrate from Lithuania in 1963 and how Darren McGavin put down a deposit in Ruta’s name for a home in Palm Springs, early in Ruta’s career.

Ruta’s memoir, Consider Your Ass Kissed, not only is the story of how a young girl—the daughter of Lithuanian immigrants—became one of the most legendary entertainers in Hollywood history through hard work and determination, but includes a treasure trove of authentic memories about the Golden Age of Entertainment, including her work opposite such leading men as Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, Charles Bronson, James Garner, Fred Astaire, Robin Williams, Howard Keel, Bob Crane, and Frank Sinatra. Consider Your Ass Kissed is available right now at Autographed editions are available exclusively at For more about The Thalians, see

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