Our conversation with Roger Perry from October 2017 is available online for listening on demand on our YouTube channel

Photo courtesy of the Perry family

About a year ago, when Joyce Bulifant made her first visit on TV Confidential: A radio talk show about television, Greg and I spent a good amount of time talking about Roger Perry. Not only was he the love of her life, in many respects he was the “star” of Joyce’s book, My Four Hollywood Husbands (or, as Roger himself liked to put it, he was “The Last Husband Standing”). At one point, Joyce asked us on the air if we would also like to speak to Roger.  We said yes and we had a great time chatting with Roger about his acting and music career.

If you’d like to hear that conversation, it’s available online for listening on demand on our YouTube channel:

Thank you again, Joyce, for making that possible. On behalf of our colleagues and listeners, we are thinking of you.

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