Podcast of TV CONFIDENTIAL Show No. 546.2 with guest Suzanne deLaurentiis is available for listening on demand

Suzanne’s Saturday Night Scares with Suzanne deLaurentiis
Original Airdates: July 16-18, 2021
TVC 546.2: Ed welcomes Suzanne de Laurentiis, host of Suzanne’s Saturday Night Scares, a fun, new homage to drive-in-type horror movies from the early 1970s that you can now enjoy on demand on Apple TV and Amazon Prime.
Shot on location in an historic haunted mansion, Suzanne’s Saturday Night Scares, in many respects, will remind you of the various late night Creature Features-type shows that we all enjoyed on local television back in the day. The first episode of Suzanne’s Saturday Night Scares features Sisters of Death (the 1976 movie starring Claudia Jennings that is considered the blueprint of sorority horror movies), plus an original interview with Morgan Fairchild; the second episode features the 1973 thriller Messiah of Evil, plus a brand new interview with Lara Parker.

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