This Date in THE FBI History: Gerald S. O’Loughlin and Jacqueline Scott star in “Ordeal,” an episode with an exciting climax and a storyline reminiscent of the French thriller The Wages of Fear, airing Nov. 6, 1966. THE FBI DOSSIER now available from Black Pawn Press

    Original Air Date:
    Nov. 6, 1966
    Synopsis. In Texas, Rhodes poses as a truck driver as part of Erskine’s effort to recover an eight-pound supply of Nitro XH2, a volatile experimental explosive that was stolen from the Magna Explosives Company. The stolen goods are headed for Corpus Christi en route to South America as part of a Communist attempt to overthrow a Latin American nation.

    LEARN MORE about this episode in THE FBI DOSSIER, everything you wanted to know—and more—about the long-running ABC-TV series produced by Quinn Martin and starring Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. THE FBI DOSSIER is available through Black Pawn Press,, and wherever books are sold online.

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