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Dr. Sujay, Selah, and Rhythms of Rest
Original Airdates: Feb. 11-13, 2022
TVC 568.1: Ed welcomes The Reverend Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook (aka Dr. Sujay), the nationally known advocate, author, pastor, motivational speaker, and former presidential advisor who was once described as Oprah Winfrey and Billy Graham all rolled into one. Dr. Sujay’s books include Rhythms of Rest: 40 Devotions for Women on the Move, a series of devotions that teach the principle of selah, an Old Testament word that means “pause, rest, and reflect.” While each of the devotions in Rhythms of Rest are written by and for African American women, the basic principle behind selah applies to all of us. Dr. Sujay’s web series, Live with Sujay, is available for free on her popular YouTube channel.

Dr. Sujay, Coretta Scott King, and My Fabulous Fifth Chapter
Original Airdates: Feb. 11-13, 2022
TVC 568.2: The Reverend Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook (aka Dr. Sujay) talks to Ed about her latest book, My Fabulous Fifth Chapter: It’s My Turn Now!, which explores the five chapters in each of our lives—and how what we learn from the first four chapters not only set the stage for our fabulous fifth chapter, but can keep us from falling into a rut. Also in this segment: Dr. Sujay shares some memories of her lifelong friendship with civil rights advocate Coretta Scott King, widow of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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