TV CONFIDENTIAL Show No. 584.2 with guest Jay Moriarty is available now for listening on demand as a free podcast

Jay Moriarty, author of Honky in the House and Deadeye
Original Airdates: July 22-24, 2022
TVC 584.2: Part 2 of a conversation that began on our last program with Jay Moriarty, longtime producer of The Jeffersons, one of the longest-running shows in the entire Norman Lear canon. Jay’s memoir, Honky in the House, takes readers behind the scenes of Tandem Productions and shows why Norman Lear was, and is, one of the most courageous producers in television.

Topics this segment include Zara Cully’s portrayal of Mother Jefferson and how close the cast of The Jeffersons was, on and off camera.

Jay Moriarty’s new book, Deadeye, pays homage to Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger, The Cisco Kid, and other favorite movie and TV cowboys.

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