TV CONFIDENTIAL Show No. 585.1 with guest Julian David Stone is now available for listening on demand as a free podcast

It’s Alive: The Frenzy Behind the Scenes of Frankenstein
Original Airdates: Aug. 5-8, 2022
TVC 585.1: TV Confidential launches its fifteen season on the air with a return appearance by filmmaker, director, screenwriter, and novelist Julian David Stone. Julian’s latest novel, It’s Alive!, is a page-turning work of historical fiction based on the actual events behind the scenes of the making of the original Frankenstein movie that Carl Laemmle Jr. produced for Universal Studios in 1931.

It’s Alive is available in hardcover, as an eBook, and as an audiobook through Greenleaf Book Group and

How Junior Laemmle Changed the Face of Movies
Original Airdates: Aug. 5-8, 2022
TVC 585.2: Julian David Stone talks to Ed about the many ways in which wunderkind producer Carl Laemmle Jr. changed Universal Studios and the face of movies altogether in the 1930s. Julian’s latest novel, It’s Alive!, captures the vibrant, exciting, and often chaotic days of 1930s Hollywood while also weaving in such actual figures as Bela Lugosi, director James Whale, legendary gossip columnist Louella Parsons, and Boris Karloff himself. It’s Alive is available in hardcover, as an eBook, and as an audiobook through Greenleaf Book Group and

Julian David Stone’s other books include No Cameras Allowed: My Career as an Outlaw Rock ’n’ Roll Photographer: 1981-1987, the amazing story of how Julian managed to sneak camera equipment into rock concerts over a six-year period during the mid 1980s (and, along the way, amassed a collection of more than 10,000 up-close-and-personal photographs of some of the biggest rock stars of the era), and The Strange Birth, Short life, and Sudden Death of Justice Girl, a historical novel based in the world of the 1950s live television that is currently being developed into a TV series. For more on Julian, visit

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