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Lee Goldberg, author of Movieland
Original Airdates: Nov. 11-14, 2022
TVC 596.1: A return visit by Lee Goldberg, the New York Times bestselling novelist whose many credits as a television writer and producer include such shows as Diagnosis Murder, Monk, Psych, Hunter, Nero Wolfe, Sliders, and Spenser: For Hire. Lee is also the author / creator of the Eve Ronin novels, a page-turning series of murder mysteries, set in the otherwise sleepy community of Calabasas, California, that centers around the exploits of detective Eve Ronin, the youngest robbery homicide detective in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The latest entry, Movieland, follows Eve’s investigation of a series of unreported sniper attacks in Malibu Creek State Park, the historic state park in the San Fernando Valley that has also served as the backdrop for many movies and TV shows.

Lee Goldberg, Part 2
Original Airdates: Nov. 11-14, 2022
TVC 596.2: Lee Goldberg, New York Times bestselling novelist and Edgar Award-nominated television writer and producer, talks to Ed about his recent trip to England in September, which happened to coincide with the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II; why character is always the starting point whenever he embarks on a new novel; and his love of television shows from the 1970s. All four Eve Ronin novels by Lee Goldberg (including the latest, Movieland) are available wherever books are sold.

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