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Peter Berk, co-author of Time Lock
Original Airdates: Jan. 20-23, 2023
TVC 602.1: Ed welcomes Peter Berk, longtime Hollywood publicist and the son of the late Howard Berk. Howard Berk wrote for many top network TV shows of the 1970s and ’80s, including Mission: Impossible, McMillan & Wife, The Fall Guy, The New Mike Hammer, The Rockford Files, and the original Columbo. Peter recently adapted a screenplay that he and his dad wrote together into Time Lock, a sci-fi action novel that depicts a futuristic world with a highly controversial genetic acceleration prison program that instantly ages prison inmates by the number of years of their sentence. Time Lock has elements that will remind you of both Logan’s Run and The Fugitive.

Time Lock is available wherever books are sold through IESnaps, an imprint of IngramElliott.

Behind the Scenes of Columbo: “By Dawn’s Early Light”
Original Airdates: Jan. 20-23, 2023
TVC 602.2: Peter Berk, son of longtime television writer Howard Berk and the co-author of the sci-fi action thriller Time Lock, talks to Ed about his dad’s experience working with Peter Falk on Columbo; the extent to which Patrick McGoohan contributed to the teleplay of “By Dawn’s Early Light,” the episode of Columbo, written by Howard Berk, for which McGoohan won the first of his two Emmy Awards; and Peter’s experience collaborating with Dick Van Patten on the nonfiction book Launching Your Child in Show Biz. Time Lock is available wherever books are sold through IESnaps, an imprint of IngramElliott.

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