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Concetta Tomei on “Getting Your Stripes” in Life
Original Airdates: Mar. 10-13, 2023
TVC 605.2: Stage and television actress Concetta Tomei (China Beach, Providence, Madman of the People) talks to Ed about her early career as an elementary school teacher, including how she often worked in songs by James Taylor as part of her curriculum; the 35th anniversary of the premiere of China Beach (ABC, 1988-1991), and why the series continues to resonate with Vietnam veterans; and how moments of hardship and disappointment often help us “earn our stripes” in life (as Major Lila Garreau, Concetta’s character on China Beach, might put it).

Concetta Tomei, David Bowie, and The Elephant Man
Original Airdates: Mar. 10-13, 2023
TVC 605.3: Actress Concetta Tomei (China Beach, Providence, Madman of the People) shares a few memories of starring opposite David Bowie in the national tour of The Elephant Man, including a poignant story about Bowie and Concetta’s parents.

Concetta Tomei, Dabney Coleman, and The Many Ways to Throw a Pillow
Original Airdates: Mar. 10-13, 2023
TVC 605.4: Actress Concetta Tomei (China Beach, Providence) talks to Ed about how much she learned from Dabney Coleman about performing comedy in television when they co-starred together on Madman of the People (NBC, 1995-1996).

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