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Patrick Duffy, Linda Purl, and Duffy’s Dough
Original Airdates: May 19-22, 2023
TVC 611.4: Ed welcomes television icons Patrick Duffy (Dallas, Step by Step, The Bold and the Beautiful) and Linda Purl (Happy Days, Matlock, The Office). Patrick and Linda are co-founders of Duffy’s Dough, a company that shows you how to make your own sourdough bread, sourdough pizza dough, sourdough cinnamon rolls, and many other homemade goodies, all from scratch—and all with the help of a dehydrated sourdough starter kit that originated with Patrick’s family more than seventy years ago. Topics this segment include how the story of Duffy’s Dough begins with how Linda and Patrick first became a couple—and the role that actor Richard Thomas played in bringing them both together.

The Duffy’s Dough Sourdough Starter and Essentials Kit is available for a limited time and includes dehydrated starter, flour, sugar, measuring spoons and cups, apron, potholder, scraper, a French rolling pin, and a recipe book, while the Solo Dehydrated Sourdough Starter Kit includes dehydrated starter and a recipe book. All net proceeds from sales of Duffy’s Dough starter kits will support Patrick and Linda’s various charitable causes (which include food scarcity, education, and the environment), while Patrick personally made each flake of dehydrated starter that went into the first 1,000 kits made. For more details, go to

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