Coming soon to TV CONFIDENTIAL: Attorney, speaker, and Ms. Universe 2021 NIKKI JOHNSON-HUSTON on overcoming a life of poverty (including several years of being homeless while she was a teenager) to become a tireless advocate for homeless youth, how her interest in becoming a lawyer began when she was a young girl, and how she found early inspiration from such TV characters as Perry Mason and Clair Huxtable. Nikki recently joined forces with DOORS OF CHANGE, a nonprofit organization founded by JEFFREY SITCOV that offers music and art instruction in small group settings to transform the lives of homeless youth. THREE DOG NIGHT will perform a benefit concert on Thursday 6/30 in Vista, CA to support the efforts of Doors of Change. For information on that event, and to learn more about Doors of Change, go to

Ms. Universe 2021 Nikki Johnson-Huston

Jeffrey Sitcov, founder and president of Doors of Change

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