Coming soon to TV CONFIDENTIAL: Award-winning advertising writer MICHAEL SHEVACK on the back story of the world-renowned ad campaign “Gillette, the best a man can get”; how he went from med school to advertising before finding his true path as a writer and teacher of spirituality; and why The Wizard of Oz is much, much more than a really good movie. Michael’s books include SOUL LESSONS FROM THE WIZARD OF OZ: How to Follow Your Yellow Brick Road, twenty lessons that can help us discover the vibrant, Technicolor, spiritually open “Oz state” that resides in all of us, and THE SIX FIX: Spiritual Healthcare for a Stronger America, a guide to life-centered values and principles that can help every American grow spiritually and every American enterprise grow and prosper. Both THE SIX FIX and SOUL LESSONS FROM THE WIZARD OF OZ are available wherever books are sold

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