Coming soon to TV CONFIDENTIAL: PATRICK DUFFY and LINDA PURL on meeting each other and falling in love during the pandemic via Zoom conferencing (and a little assist from their mutual friend Richard Thomas) and how their romance gave birth to their new company, Duffy’s Dough. Based on a process that originated with Patrick’s family more than seventy years ago, Duffy’s Dough shows you how to make homemade sourdough bread, sourdough pizza dough, sourdough cinnamon rolls and other homemade goodies, all from scratch, with the help of a dehydrated sourdough starter kit. Patrick will also tell you why he personally made each flake of dehydrated starter that went into the first 1,000 kits made. All net proceeds from the sales of Duffy’s Dough starter kits will support Patrick and Linda’s various charitable causes, which include food scarcity, education, and the environment. For more details, go to If you order an essential starter kit by Mother’s Day, 20 percent of the proceeds will support No Kid Hungry

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