via New Masses Media: PAWS FOR THOUGHT, the new celebrity jewelry collection by author and animal rights activist Alexis Hunter, offers glamour and beauty while also carrying a message

New York, NY and Hollywood CA [Dec. 8, 2021] When Alexis Hunter conceived of her distinctive line of jewelry and accessories, it was merely an outgrowth of the painting and other visual art sheengaged in for decades. But several years ago, something happened to shift the trajectory. That’s when she noticed that the distinctive bracelets, necklaces, and earrings hand-made in her Palm Springs home were becoming increasingly worn by diverse swath ocelebrities, including rock legend Steven Tyler, music artist Chandler Leighton, impressionist and comedienne Marilyn Michaels, actresses Shari Belafonte, Liv Tyler,  Joanna Cassidy, Gail OGradyand Ruta Lee, and, most recently, Victoria’s Secret Cosmopolitan covemodel Virginia Shaddick MacGregor.

One of the first to show excitement about my bracelets was the late comedienne Kaye Ballard,” explains Ms. Hunter, a retired model who is also the author of Joi Lansing: A Body to For She was a good friend and quick to refer others, and it spread from there.”

A major draw has been Hunter’s Paws for Thought” collection, brandishing sterling silver paw imprintwith a band made of leather-like blendfully animal-free.

Fitness guru Tamilee Webb of Buns of Steel fame, a major animal-rights advocate, recently sought out the new Paws for Thought line, as did infamous soap opera villain Louise Sorel whose animal affections have never matched her on-screen persona. Actress Concetta Tomei was also happy to receive her bracelet from this collection, adding that she has spent many years feeding the strays of the Valleysitting up nights to get them spayed and neutered. Its a mission, and Im proud to have an accessory that speaks to that.

Commitment to the love and rights of animals should not only be mandatory but be worn beautifully. For more information see:

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