Coming soon to TV CONFIDENTIAL: GIGI GARNER, founder of the JAMES GARNER ANIMAL RESCUE FUND (JGARF), on her dad’s love of animals (especially dogs); her reaction to the famous “swimming pool scene” in The Thrill of It All when she first saw that movie on the big screen, when she was six years old; her dad’s reaction when Gigi became a real life private investigator, early in her career; and how JGARF honors the memory of James Garner and extends his legacy. The James Garner Animal Rescue Fund is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to raising funds to help animal rescue organizations. To learn more about it, go to Gigi Garner also runs the Official James Garner Facebook Page, which you can join for free at

Gigi Garner also wrote a wonderful foreword to 45 Years of The Rockford Files that gives readers a window into who Jim was as a person. 25 percent of the sales of 45 Years of The Rockford Files will support the efforts of the James Garner Animal Rescue Fund. Plus, if you order the book directly from Black Pawn Press, you will receive an exclusive bonus gift. Go to for more information

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