Coming soon to TV CONFIDENTIAL: Singer, actress, producer, and philanthropist LUCIE ARNAZ on how LUCY AND DESI, the acclaimed documentary about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz directed by Amy Poehler, and LET’S TALK TO LUCY, the recently reissued radio talk show that Lucille Ball hosted from 1964-1965, both present the human side of her famous mom; how Lucie got her philanthropic side from both her parents; and why she has joined forces with the nonprofit organization DOORS OF CHANGE to create awareness of the plight of homeless youth in the United States. For nearly twenty years, Doors of Change has used arts and music to help more than 8,300 homeless teenagers find forever homes across fourteen U.S. states. Go to for more information. LUCY AND DESI is available for viewing on demand on Amazon Prime Video, while LET’S TALK TO LUCY is available for listening on demand wherever you find podcasts

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