Podcast of TV CONFIDENTIAL Show No. 415: Remembering Charlotte Rae and Ron Satlof is now available online for listening on demand

Show No. 415: Remembering Charlotte Rae and Ron Satlof
Original Airdate: Aug. 17-20, 2018
First hour: From October 2010: Television producer and director Ron Satlof (McCloud, Misconceptions, Perry Mason Returns) talks to Ed about working with Martin Scorsese early in his career as a second A.D. on Mean Streets and how Scorsese’s meticulous preparation had an enormous influence on Ron’s later career as a director and independent filmmaker. Also in this hour: This being Elvis week, we salute the King with a replay of our August 2017 conversation with actor Michael Dante about working with Elvis in Kid Galahad and their friendship that lasted until

Photo courtesy Harlan Boll Public Relations

Presley’s death. Second hour: From October 2015: Ed welcomes actress Charlotte Rae (The Facts of Life, Diff’rent Strokes, Car 54, Where Are You?). Also in this hour: Sixties film historian Tom Lisanti, author of Talking Sixties Drive-In Movies, talks to Ed about the evolution of “The Elvis Movie.”

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