Podcast of TV CONFIDENTIAL Show No. 448 with guest Kat Kramer is available online for listening on demand

Turnover actress/producer Kat Kramer on the improvisational acting style of Paul Guilfoyle and how Turnover is the type of movie her father, Stanley Kramer, would’ve made
Original Airdates: Apr. 26-28, 2019
TVC 448.1: Kat Kramer—daughter of actress Karen Kramer and filmmaker Stanley Kramer, and an award-winning singer, actress, and activist in her own right—talks to Ed about the many ways in which her latest film, Turnover, carries on the legacy of her Oscar-winning father. Directed by Linda Palmer, Turnover also features Paul Guilfoyle, Donna Mills, Beverly Todd, Carlos Carrasco and other familiar faces. Turnover will open the Palm Springs International Down Syndrome Film Festival (May 3-5, 2019), the first film festival dedicated to raising awareness about Down Syndrome. Kat will appear at the May 3 screening, along with fellow Turnover star Jamie Brewer.

Singer/actress Kat Kramer on her tribute to Mick Jagger and her duet with Billy Preston
TVC 448.4: In Part 2 of our conversation with Kat Kramer (Turnover, Mother’s Day Memories), Ed asks Kat about the pending release of her new album, Gemstone, which features Kat’s duet with the late Billy Preston; what’s on tap this season on Child of the ’70s, the acclaimed web comedy series in which Kat plays soap opera diva Frances Rye; and the latest screening in Kat’s film series, Kat Kramer’s Films That Change the World. Kat will appear at the Friday, May 3 screening of Turnover at the Palm Springs International Down Syndrome Film Festival.

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