Podcast of TV CONFIDENTIAL Show No. 448 with guest Lee Purcell is now available online for listening on demand

Carol of the Bells actress Lee Purcell on being mentored by screen legend Steve McQueen and the cool party trick that James Garner taught her when she filmed Rockford Files
Original Airdates: Apr. 26-28, 2019
TVC 448.3: Actress, writer, director and producer Lee Purcell (Adam at 6 A.M., Big Wednesday, Valley Girl, Due South Long Road Home, Secret Sins of the Fathers) tells Ed why her latest film, Carol of the Bells, was among the most inspiring and rewarding experiences of her lifetime. Directed by Joey Travolta and his company, Inclusion Films (which teaches and employs people in the film industry who have developmental and physical disabilities), Carol of the Bells also features Donna Mills, Donna Pescow, and Geri Jewell, while the title role of “Carol” is played by Andrea F. Freeman, an actress who happens to have Down Syndrome. Carol of the Bells will be among the spotlight films screened at this year’s Bentonville Film Festival in Bentonville, Arkansas on Friday, May 10. (A holiday film, Carol of the Bells is also scheduled to receive a wider release later in 2019.)


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