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Actress Peri Gilpin (Frasier, Old Guy), actor and entrepreneur Radames Pera (Kung Fu, Little House on the Prairie), and producers Ursula Burton, Jennifer Burton, Maria Burton, Gabrielle Burton, and Charity Burton of Five Sisters Productions will all join us for the landmark 500th edition of TV CONFIDENTIAL, airing July 10-12 at the following times and venues:

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Renowned for playing acerbic radio producer Roz Doyle on the long-running, multi-Emmy Award-winning comedy Frasier (NBC, 1993-2004), Peri Gilpin currently stars as a Hollywood agent who eagerly takes on a client in his eighties—only to cast him in a host of less than dignified roles—in Old Guy, the critically acclaimed six-episode short form comedy series that takes a satiric look at how the film and TV industry often portrays older people, particularly those in their seventies and eighties. We’ll ask Peri what attracted her to Old Guy, plus she’ll answer listener email questions about her work as a voice actress, her stage career, and, of course, Frasier. Peri Gilpin will join us in our second hour.

Old Guy is based on both Don’t Sit Down Yet, a book by Gabrielle Burton about aging, and on the experiences of Gabrielle’s husband, Roger Burton, a retired psychologist and former professional musician who enjoyed a wildly successful third act in his seventies and eighties as a film and TV actor. With that in mind, the creators and producers of Old Guy—Gabrielle and Roger’s daughters Ursula Burton, Jennifer Burton, Maria Burton, Gabrielle Burton, and Charity Burton—will also join Peri Gilpin in our second hour. All six episodes of Old Guy are available for streaming on demand, for free, at

For our listeners who are also members of the Television Academy: Peri Gilpin and Roger Burton are both under consideration for Emmy nominations for Outstanding Actress and Actor for a Short Form Comedy, respectively, while Old Guy is a contender for a nomination for Outstanding Short Form Comedy. If you have not already done so, watch Old Guy at and then consider nominating Peri, Roger, and the show.

Also this week: We’ll play Part 1 of a two-part conversation with Radames Pera, the actor best known for playing young Kwai Chang Caine, aka “Grasshopper,” in the flashback sequences of the original Kung Fu (ABC, 1972-1975), and John Edwards, Mary Ingalls’ love interest, on Little House on the Prairie.

Earlier this year Universal announced plans to develop Kung Fu as a feature motion picture, while The CW will reimagine Kung Fu as a new weekly series that is scheduled to premiere during the 2020-2021 television season. We’ll talk to Radames about both these developments, plus he’ll share share some memories about his work on the original Kung Fu. We’ll also talk about how Radames reinvented himself as an entrepreneur in the late 1980s, drawing on his love for design and his interest in electronics to launch a very successful company that specialized in installing home theatre systems, first in residential areas, then restaurants and other businesses. Radames Pera will join us in our first hour.

This week’s program will also commemorate the passing of Hugh Downs, the broadcast legend who died on Wednesday, July 1 at age 99. In the course of his seventy-year career, Downs not only left his mark on three of the most iconic shows in TV history—The Tonight Show, The Today Show, and ABC’s 20/20—but logged more hours on commercial network television, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, than anyone else. (When you consider the many hours that Downs spent hosting shows for public television, including Over Easy and Live from Lincoln Center, as well as the syndicated talk show Not for Women Only (co-hosted by Barbara Walters)—all of three which being programs that fall outside the realm of commercial network TV—his total number of hours as a television host and interviewer is likely even greater than that.)

You might recall that Phil Gries arranged for Hugh Downs to join us on TV Confidential in September 2013, for what turned out to be our 200th program. Among other topics, Phil and I talked to Hugh about his work with Jack Paar on The Tonight Show, including the infamous night in February 1960 when Paar walked off the set of The Tonight Show, seven minutes into the program, to protest NBC’s decision to censor a joke that Paar had told about a water closet on the previous night’s show. We’ll play highlights from our 2013 conversation with Hugh Downs in our first hour.

NOTE: By now I’m certain that all of you know that we lost another TV legend last week, Carl Reiner. We are planning a formal two-hour tribute to the life and career of Carl Reiner; that program will air later in July on TV Confidential.

Finally, this week marking the 500th edition of TV Confidential, let me take this opportunity to thank the many people who help make this show possible every week, including our four regular on-air contributors—Tony, Donna, Phil, and Greg—as well as our guests, commentators, sponsors, Patreon patrons, Confidants, and the many other people behind the scenes who contribute to our show in ways large and small, known and unknown. Our thanks also to our affiliate stations for carrying us, and to you, our audience, not only for listening to us, but for emailing us, Tweeting us, posting comments on our Facebook page, providing feedback and suggestions, and for continuing to show your interest and support of this program. We appreciate your making TV Confidential part of your life, and we look forward to spending more time with you in the weeks and months ahead.

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