via BHBPR: Exciting news in the world of fine art coffee table books: Anna Wilding’s CELEBRATE HOPE: The Obama Collection is now available as a limited edition book that will allow you to bring a little bit of modern-day Camelot into your own home

If you have not yet seen Celebrate Hope: The Obama Collection, the acclaimed and popular exhibit featuring exclusive photographs by Anna Wilding from when she was a member of the White House press corps during the Obama Administration—or if you have seen the exhibit, but would like to experience it again—you can now bring a little bit of modern-day Camelot into your own home.

Wilding’s debut book, Celebrate Hope, is now available as a luxury deluxe collectors edition book featuring glossy black-and-white and color images of “The People’s House.” Celebrate Hope is available both as a small book (8″ x 8″ size) and a large book (16″ x 12″ size). Both editions are made with luxurious clear lucite hardcover, bound in black vegan leather, and are printed on thick high quality archival colorfast paper that will last for generations—while the large book edition comes in a black luxury gift box with black satin ribbon.

Celebrate Hope: The Book is not only a piece of art itself, but “a portable exhibit,” says Wilding. Both editions are available at, while the small edition of the book is available at

If you order the book directly from Wilding’s website—and sign up for Wilding’s newsletter—you will receive a 10-percent discount (approximately $20 off on small book, $50 off on large book) on your purchase.

Anna Wilding has been cited as “iconic” for both her work on screen and behind the lens as a director, photographer, writer, producer and actress/comedienne. Her films and music videos as director have been screened worldwide, while her photographic work has appeared in mainstream art galleries. Virtually all of Wilding’s work has an underlying theme of humanity and our shared human values while grounded in the style of both contemporary and classical art and pop culture.

Celebrate Hope
small book
8″ x 8″ – 32 pages hardcover, Vegan Leather Bound, Clear Lucite cover, Archival Paper
$199.00 plus promotions direct from or $225 retail on Amazon

large book – LIMITED EDITION (only 375 copies being printed worldwide)
COLLECTORS EDITION – Large Format Limited Edition
16′” x 12” 34 pages hardcover, Vegan Leather Bound, Clear Lucite cover, Archival Paper
including complimentary archival luxury gift box.
$460.00 direct from plus promotions

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