Podcast of TV CONFIDENTIAL Show No. 406 with guests Peter Marshall and Shane Stanley is now available online for listening on demand

Show No. 406 with guests Peter Marshall and Shane Stanley
Original Airdate: June 1-4, 2018

First hour: Multi-Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Shane Stanley shares a few Dos and Don’ts of independent filmmaking while also discussing the pivotal role that producer/director Zalman King has played throughout his career. Shane’s new book, What You Don’t Learn in Film School, is a candid look at the film business that offers ambitious young filmmakers important information on how to navigate every aspect of making movies today. Shane’s upcoming What You Don’t Learn in Film School summer sessions begin Saturday, June 23 at Los Angeles City College and are free to the public. Also in this hour: Phil Gries commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy as part of an encore edition of The Sounds of Lost Television featuring highlights of Joey Bishop’s interview with Associated Press reporter Andrew West on June 5, 1968. Second hour: Ed welcomes back singer, actor and radio host Peter Marshall. Peter is co-host, along with Nick Clooney, of Perry Como Classics: ‘Till the End of Time, a brand new special featuring highlights from long-lost and newly-restored episodes from Perry Como’s TV series and popular TV specials. Peter and Ed discuss why Como was such a perfect fit for TV, and pay tribute to Peter’s dear friend Rose Marie. Perry Como Classics: ‘Till the End of Time airs on PBS stations nationwide during the weekend of June 2; for our listeners in the Garden City, New York area, WLIW will air it during the weekend of June 9. Also in this hour: Tony Figueroa and Donna Allen remember the tenth anniversary of the death of comedian George Carlin as part of This Week in TV History.

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