Coming soon to TV CONFIDENTIAL: Actor, writer, director, and producer WALTER KOENIG on why STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME continues to appeal to viewers beyond the core STAR TREK audience; how his appearance in MR. NOVAK played a pivotal role in his being cast as Chekov on The Original Series; and how playing Alfred Bester on BABYLON 5 not only introduced him to a new audience of sci-fi fans, but in an important respect brought his career full circle. Walter’s memoir, BEAMING UP AND GETTING OFF: Life Before and Beyond Star Trek, is a delightfully candid, often poignant, and very insightful read that walks you through his growing up years as the son of Russian immigrants in 1940s Manhattan; his formative years as an actor with the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York; his lifelong love of theatre; and his deep appreciation for the many opportunities that Star Trek has given him. BEAMING UP AND GETTING OFF is available in hardcover and as an eBook through Jacobs Brown Media Group

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