Podcast of TV CONFIDENTIAL Show No. 501.7: The First Game Show to Win an Emmy Award is now available for listening on demand

The First Game Show to Win an Emmy
Original Airdates: July 17-19, 2020
TVC 501.7: From 2015: Tony, Donna, and Ed remember the premiere of Pantomime Quiz, a variation of Charades that began as a locally produced game show in Los Angeles (KTLA, 1947-1949) before airing in prime time on ABC, NBC, CBS and the Dumont network at various points between 1949 and 1959. One of the first TV shows to win an Emmy Award (which it did in 1949), Pantomime Quiz later morphed into Stump the Stars (CBS, 1962-1963) and continued to run in syndication under that title throughout the 1960s. Topics include how the CBS version of Stump the Stars included cast members of such shows as Perry Mason.

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